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Healthy Families Home Visiting

Ever wondered why someone would choose to have a home visitor?

Home Visiting is Support.

Our visitor is no ordinary person. She is a loving, supportive, experienced, non-judgmental, highly-trained Family Support Specialist. She cares about the families in our community and wants to see each and every family succeed.

She works with families to discover what they want for their future, and supports them as they work toward becoming the family they want to be. She points out family strengths and shows them what tools they already have to help them succeed.

She is there to cheer family successes, and offers a calming presence when families are struggling. She can connect families with helpful resources such as food support, medical, housing and more.

Home Visiting is Educational.The Family Support Specialist can bring information about child development milestones and can answer questions and concerns about parenting. Our program uses the Growing Great Kids and Growing Great Families Curriculum. It is a comprehensive, evidence-based curriculum that helps parents know what to expect from their child, think about how they want to parent around these changes, and figure out where they might like some extra support.

Home Visiting Offers Incentives.

The Family Support Specialist gives a free gift bag to each qualifying family that inquires about the program. We also offer a bonus to families who refer other families to our program. There is a $10 card available for every referral that meets at least once, face-to-face, and another $10 card if the family continues in the program for at least 6 months. What's more, you get a coupon for our incentives store for every time you meet with your Family Support Specialist! The store contains items like diapers, wipes, baby clothes, books, toys, etc.

Interested in Joining Our Program?

The Healthy Families Home Visiting Program works with parents prenatally until their child turns 3 years old. To qualify for the program, you must be expecting a child, or have an infant under 3 months of age. If you're interested in learning more call Alex, our Family Support Specialist, directly at 1 (218) 851-7603. We'd love to hear from you!

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