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The Pillager Area Family Center is committed to help build strong families with programs and services for members of the Pillager Community. 


Our programs are designed to serve a range of ages and needs. We pride ourselves in offering a variety of opportunities for our community.


Radiothon to End Child Abuse 2019, December 5 - 6th

Read more in-depth about the various programs and services we offer. Discover things you never knew about our Family Center and our Community.

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We are now accepting registrations for

the 2019-2020 school year.

Pledge for prevention if you believe that every child in Minnesota deserves to grow up safe, healthy, and happy.

Your pledge goes beyond the 24 hours of Radiothon. It makes local child abuse prevention efforts possible all year long.

Child abuse prevention efforts succeed because of community collaboration.

When you donate to the Radiothon, you are helping to empower parents, nurture children, and engage communities.

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Pillager Area Family Center

305 W. Fir Ave. 

Pillager, MN 56473

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Radiothon to End Child Abuse 2019, December 5 - 6th

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